Simon Cowell’s son Eric to have baby sibling? All AGT judge has said about expanding family

Simon Cowell adores being a dad to his nine-year-old son Eric – and at the age of 63, he’s ready to expand his family with fiancee, Laura Silverman, 45.

In the past, the America’s Got Talent judge repeatedly said he didn’t want children, but he did a complete U-turn after becoming a father to his only child when parenthood became his priority.

So-much-so, that Simon says another kid could be on the cards – and he’s hinted at it more than once.

Most recently, the music mogul told The Sun: “Just two days ago I was thinking, ‘It would be nice to have another.'” he said. “Being a dad is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love every second I spend with him. So then I’m thinking the next step is he’s going to be a teenager. Those years when they’re young — I had such an amazing experience all through those years, and I was thinking about it probably because of that.”

Simon continued: “Eric has got a lot of friends and we do a lot of things together as a family. But you never know with kids if they’re happy being on their own or how would he feel if there was another one? So look, will it happen? I don’t know. But I would love another kid. I really like being a dad.”

While Simon is a dad-of-one, Lauren has a son Adam, 17, from her previous relationship with Adam Silverman and he has a strong bond with his half-brother, Eric.


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