‘Very Saucy’: Glam Queen Paige Spiranac Sways Away From Golf With Her Buddy to Satisfy Her Gastronomic Crave

Paige Spiranac has propelled herself to fame with her golf-related content. But at times, the model tends to keep her fans entertained by engaging in other fun content on her social media handles. Well, the social media influencer has not disappointed anyone this time either.

Ever since her rise to fame, the golf mommy has earned a lot of recognition in the sports field. This has led her to collaborate with many interesting people. And a similar collab was posted on Saturday on her Instagram, surprising many fans.

Spiranac has been known to be friends with Robby Berger, an Instagram influencer who hosts the show Bob Does Sports. The ex-golfer went ahead to post a story on her Instagram with Berger as they shared their reviews on a certain food item.

In the story uploaded on her social media handle, the duo were seen eating a Chicken Caesar wrap inside a golf cart. With the bag of clubs behind the influencers, one can assume the video to be taken during one of their breaks from the game of golf that she was playing with her friend.

Although the wrap seemed small according to their first impressions, it came out to be “very saucy” and tasty for Spiranac as she went on to rate it a solid 8.3. The duo was visibly enjoying the small snack as her partner agreed with her review of the delicacy.


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