The Beast of Shaughnessy Becomes Pregnant Jessica Korda’s Cute Accomplice and Surely Nelly Korda Won’t Be Complaining

The friendships in the golf world off the field are pretty strong. And players always remember to cherish each other and their games. On the same lines, Nelly Korda and Jessica Korda’s adorable sisterhood often makes headlines. But they are not alone. A rising champ is joining the two and the trio’s friendship is all over social media.

Recently, Jessica Korda took a break from golf. It started with her back injury, and the reason soon turned merry when she announced her pregnancy late last month. She is expecting a baby by February, and the golf world is elated. Amid this, Korda does get nostalgic about her days on the field. But her friends know how to keep her company!

The 30-year-old, Jessica Korda, recently took to her Instagram and revealed a humorous turn of events. As a sweet gesture, her husband cleaned her car; the next day, it was covered with snow. Korda called the twist of fate ‘violence’ with laughing emoticons. Looks like everybody is trying to make the mom-to-be feel good. And champ Megan Khang is no less!

Another story of Korda had the background music of the song — Dancing in the Rain. And at the forefront was the recent CPKC Champion from Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club, Megan Khang. Donned in a hoodie and shorts, Khang could be seen playing with the umbrella in the rain and being her goofy self.

And Jessica wrote in the story, “Back with this one @megan_khang!” A few weeks earlier, she was reminiscing about her coffee date with Khang and her sister Nelly Korda. But her friends are doing their best to be around her, and Jessica’s social media updates show she is happy about it.


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