“My Sweet Husband”: A Genuine Gesture for Pregnant Jessica Korda Goes Awry as Fate Decided to Not Side With Her Partner

LGPA Star Jessica Korda, sister of Nelly Korda, has taken a break from the game due to pregnancy but she keeps making headlines with her social media posts. Her Instagram post a couple of weeks back announcing her pregnancy made waves in the golfing community.

Now, she has posted another heartwarming update. Jessica Korda shared an endearing post about her husband’s sincere endeavors that unfortunately met an unexpected twist. Let’s dive into this interesting story.

Jessica Korda took to social media, bringing to light a humorous twist of fate. She shared a picture of her car blanketed with snow and she quipped about her husband’s timely car-cleaning efforts from the day before. She light-heartedly captioned it, “My sweet husband got my car cleaned yesterday and this is what the weather decided on today,” and amusingly added: “#violence.”

In a subsequent update, the golf star posted another image, this time of a spotless car, playfully remarking, “Just so fresh and so clean.” Korda appears to have maintained her high spirits in these challenging and demanding times.

Last month, Jessica Korda announced that she and her husband, Johnny DelPrete, are expecting their first child. The couple, who tied the knot in 2021, used a delightful Instagram post for the revelation. Korda’s post read, “Tee time for 3, coming February 2024,” accompanied by a pair of tiny blue FootJoy golf shoes and their pet dog.

While Jessica hadn’t divulged more about her impending motherhood, her globally-ranked No. 2 golfer sister, Nelly Korda expressed her joy in the wake of the pregnancy announcement. “It’s been exciting to kind of be in her corner through all this. I’m very excited for her and this next step,” she continued, “Obviously she misses it out here [on the golf course], but it’s definitely been an exciting time for her and our family.”


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