It’s Happening! Amidst Tiger Woods’ Six Month Long Absence, an Update Radiates Hope for Legend’s Possible Return, Per Reports

Tiger Woods‘ hiatus has continued for the past 6 months and there hasn’t been a dominant presence of the golfer on the greens professionally. While many updates in the past have showcased how paramount his role is in golf in general and the Tour in particular, not much about his recovery has come forth.

This has allowed many question marks to surround the golf legend; the biggest of them being whether Tiger Woods will compete professionally ever again. And, though, no one appears to have a certain answer for that, the new update hints toward a positive Tiger Woods glimpse.

Disconnecting a veteran like Tiger Woods from the game of golf is an irrevocable scenario. While his absence might have put a halt to his gameplay, the same could hardly be said about his social media presence through fan accounts and news updates. The recent tweet by TWLegion, a Tiger Woods dedicated account, points fingers in the same direction.

Even though the update remains within the expected criteria, the details alongside it give more than hope for Woods’ admirers. The tweet focused on the PGA Tour professional being “slated” to be in the city of New York for the Nexus Cup. The fact that the amateur golf tournament benefits from the TGR foundation vouches for the same as well.

However, the known concerns about Woods’ health allow a big question mark to loom over his anticipated presence. While the tournament at Liberty National every year witnesses the golf icon host a clinic for the visiting guests on the second day, there is no clarity of the golfer himself being able to take part in the initiative this time. All eyes await the start of the tournament to see if the golf legend makes a comeback onto the scene.


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