Aryna Sabalenka destroys a racket in frustration after losing US open final

Aryna Sabalenka vented all her frustration by destroying a racket after losing the 2023 US Open final to Coco Gauff.In a video shared by Eurosport France, the strong Bielerussian tennis player can be seen who, after the awards ceremony, returned inside the facility, in the corridor leading to the locker rooms, with the runner’s bag and trophy.Sabalenka placed her bag against the wall and took out her racket.

Up until then everything was normal, then the young and beautiful tennis player let herself go into a fit of rage, smashing her racket on the

Sabalenka’s words in the press conference
The Belarusian talked about many topics at the press conference, after the defeat at the US Open final: “The crowd? I didn’t play against the crowd, I received many messages of support when I was here, but obviously in the final the crowd supported her and not me.

She is 19 years old , she’s American and she’s playing a Grand Slam final, all of this is incredible and that’s why tonight we can say that she wrote history. I expected this atmosphere, I didn’t want to react to the public because I knew they would charge even more, but she felt comfortable with herself and it showed on the court.

Sometimes I get too emotional, today on the pitch I thought too much and made so many absurd mistakes. In the second set I made a lot of it and I helped her not only to get back into the match but also to make her believe she could win.

It was a challenge against myself. Overall it’s a huge achievement and I’m proud of myself. Now my goal is to finish the season in first position, reach the top and stay there.”Then commenting on the defeat against Coco, she said: “During the first set I managed my emotions quite well, I was only focused on myself and not on my opponent or the public.

Coco moved incredibly today, but it must be said that from the second set I started to think too much and from that moment on my shots lost strength. I made too many mistakes and let’s say I played against myself, but the bad thing is that I still have these problems and they haven’t totally disappeared.

I will work harder so that next time it doesn’t happen and above all that you no longer feel tired, as happened today. Cori moved and defended very well, better than anyone else, I was forced to always play one more ball but in general I think that today it was mostly all my fault, she defended well and in key moments she was better.”


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