‘A Beast’: Golf World Left in Awe as Charlie Woods’ Adversary Overcomes a Mammoth Challenge During Latest Golf Outing

The golf world has witnessed many parent-child duos over the years. From the likes of Jack Nicklaus and his son Gary to the very coveted Tiger Woods and Charlie Woods, fans always yearn for more when it comes to the ever-popular thought of a child following in the footsteps of their parents legacy. However, the family power pairs don’t just end there!



In recent years, while Woods Jr. hones his golf skills, there have been other parent-child pairs that the fans eagerly look towards, and the young one of one such pair, who is often deemed Charlie’s future rival, has now taken the world by storm. At just 11, he’s gone on to achieve a feat that has left his parents “proud”!



Charlie Woods’ 11-year-old rival achieves an extraordinary feat
The child in question is none other than the son of LPGA legend Annika Sorenstam! In her prime, the Swedish star’s presence on the field was a threat to many golfers. And now, following in her footsteps, William McGee, her 11-year-old son, is exhibiting extraordinary talents! The youngster, in fact, is so invested in the game that, from time to time, he also offers his champion mother some wise counsel.




Will has been garnering attention in the golf world ever since he went on to dazzle many, including Justin Thomas, with his left-handed straight strokes last December. And now, with his participation in a golf event, the young golf maestro has proven that he’s only improved since and is moving towards catching up to the likes of his 14-year-old adversary, Charlie Woods.

McGee Jr. recently participated in this week’s Lake Highland School golf competition. While he may not have dominated at the event, during the days he conquered a significant obstacle on the course, earning praise from many, especially his proud father. Mr. McGee wrote on Twitter: ”Thx for the well wishes for Will yesterday. We thought he played well. They played the “blue tees,” which are long for him. Can only reach 4 holes in reg & needed woods for those. +3 after 2 & shot 41. 2nd on team, 3rd overall. Proud of his attitude & fight. Like mama!”

Both Sorenstam and her husband are undoubtedly more than proud to see their child making every effort to improve his game. However, they weren’t the only ones. Fans went on to shower William with appreciation after news of his mammoth achievement went public. And rightly so after all; he was following in his mom’s footsteps now and proving himself to be “a beast” on the course!


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