Inside Simon Cowell’s son Eric’s relationship with rarely-seen half-brother Adam Silverman

Despite their eight-year age gap, Simon Cowell’s son Eric Cowell, 9, and his step-brother, Adam Silverman, 17, have a close bond.

The half-brothers have been spotted holidaying together on several occasions – even wearing matching swim shorts on a family trip to Barbados. If that doesn’t say brotherly love, we don’t know what does.

The boys also enjoy family picnics and cycling jaunts together, and were both there when Simon had his nasty electric bike accident in 2020 – a traumatic event that likely brought the half-siblings closer together. Remind yourself of Simon’s terrible accident by watching the video below

Despite living in harmony now, Simon Cowell’s relationship with his stepson hasn’t always been easy. Reports say that when Simon and Lauren Silverman, mother to Eric and Adam, first started dating in the early 2010s, Simon was banned from seeing Adam.

It was reported that Adam’s father Andrew Silverman made it a stipulation of the divorce from Lauren that her new partner couldn’t spend time with her son. Allegedly, Simon was required to pay Andrew $50,000 if he went near Adam, who was seven years old at the time.

This is of course no longer the case, as Simon and Adam have been spotted together on several occasions, including the unveiling of the America’s Got Talent judge’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Lauren, Simon and Eric split their time between the US and the UK, where Eric is believed to go to school in Wimbledon.

It is not public knowledge if Adam lives with his mother, step-father and half-brother in Wimbledon, or if he resides in the US with his father, though he has been spotted at events in the UK, including the races in Epsom, enjoying a day out with his family.


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