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After pink Barbie, a sensual Eugenie Bouchard rips her fans in light blue!

Eugenie Bouchard has gone from pink to light blue, but the result is always the same: boundless sensuality! The beautiful Canadian tennis player shared some shots on instagram with a super tight and very short mini dress, which adheres beautifully to her body.

The dress has an opening on the belly, is sleeveless and has a very short miniskirt. The outfit is completed by white socks and matching slippers! Here are the pictures:

Genie Bouchard: “Everyone has ups and downs in a career”
Eugenie Bouchard, former number 5 in the WTA world rankings, had experienced one of the best moments of her tennis career for about nine years when she reached the London final, but then lost against Petra Kvitova.From then on, the Canadian experienced few ups and many downs, which led her to struggle to re-enter at least the top 100 in the world, so much so that she is now in position number 218 also due to numerous injuries that the they hit .

The North American can still boast of becoming the first Canadian to reach a Grand Slam final in what was her best year as a professional.In an interview she gave to LeJournaldeQuebec, she said: “Everyone has ups and downs in a career.For example, Andy Murray plays Challenger tournaments and wins a few.

Good for him. It’s natural, in a way. But, of course, I miss the big moments. When you get good results, you have to take care of it, because it doesn’t mean it will repeat itself. During my injury I told myself that I wanted to quit on my own terms and not because of my injury.Now that my health has improved, I told myself that I would give my all to be a professional tennis player, because that’s what I love to do.

Even if you are in the Wimbledon rankings, we are in the top 0.0001% of people in the world. It’s important to put that into perspective as well.”


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