Not Ryder Cup Soldier Brooks Koepka but It Is Wife Jena Sims Who Has Yet Again Proved Her Patriotic Vows Through Her Tireless Preparations

Jena Sims, a.k.a. Mrs. Brooks Koepka, has been actively involved in her husband’s golf career, especially in recent weeks. Although things have been positively overwhelming with a newborn baby in the house, Sims has been engaging with the fans regularly and posting updates on her husband’s career developments.



The actress has been pretty excited to prepare aesthetically for the upcoming Ryder Cup. From styling outfits to selecting clothes to take, it seems like she will leave no stone unturned for her trip to Rome. And with her latest official Ryder Cup possession, the excitement is only increasing!



With the Ryder Cup fast approaching, the new mom is more than excited to plan her baggage for the trip to Rome. She recently even drew attention to that with her multitasking skills of styling possible outfits for the prestigious event while watching a rugby match on TV, rooting for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs. She wrote, “Watching the dawgs and working on styling.”

Now, once more, Sims has gone on to show how excited she is. Taking to Instagram, she shared pictures of the stuff that had recently arrived for her. Sims shared a video of a new Ryder Cup bag with the logo of the prestigious event embedded and her ‘new’ initials printed on it. She sounded pretty happy about the club gloves and everything. “I just got so excited. Oh my God! New Name. All my Ryder Cup stuff, new club glove—I cannot wait to see what’s inside of this.”


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