After Failing to Claim the $225,000 Title, Solheim Cup Buddies Nelly Korda and Megan Khang Are Quite Busy to Forget the Portland Tragedy and Fans Aren’t Arguing

The golf world saw an exciting tournament take place at the Portland Classic with a 19-year-old Thai professional clinching the victory and taking home $225,000. Meanwhile, star golfers including Nelly Korda and Megan Khang could only look by as the young athlete clinched her third LPGA Tour win. But, even so, the golfers accepted the loss in good spirits as Korda took to her social media handle to share her journey over the past couple of weeks.

The Khang-Korda duo has managed to keep their friendship alive despite being competitors on the course. And, in the recent Instagram post uploaded by the 2021 Women’s PGA Championship winner, the duo were seen having a great time, despite leaving many fans surprised.

Nelly Korda shares her moments with Megan Khang
Despite dishing out commendable performances on the Columbia Edgewater Macan Course, the duo was not able to come out on top as Khang placed herself at T6 while Nelly finished at the 14th position. Nevertheless, the LPGA Tour pros did not let the defeat hamper their moods as they were seen enjoying their time with each other.

Nelly uploaded a series of photos and videos as a post on Instagram not too long ago where she depicts the past “2 weeks on da road.” And, among them, the 1X major winner made sure to upload the memories she had with her friend and rival Khang. A video of the 25-year-old shows the golfer filling her hair with dryer sheets while mentioning how clean and fresh they were when Korda inquired about them.

In another part of the series, Megan is seen posing while taking a sip of the coffee while Nelly takes a picture of her with her drink in hand. One can’t help but envy the relationship that the Solheim Cup teammates have despite duking it out on the greens.

The rest of the pictures in the post included snippets of coffee, food, and Korda herself sporting her gear. However, the LPGA cover girl must not have thought, even in her wildest dreams, that one social media update would blow up among her fans.

Korda’s hot chocolate becomes legendary
The post that was uploaded to her Instagram handle went ahead to garner a frenzy of reactions from the golf community. The comments ranged from admiration for the golfer to hilarious responses about the Portland Classic that ended a while back. Let us take a look at some of these mentions.


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