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Tennis star Genie Bouchard shows off ripped back muscles as fans call her ‘incredible’

The tennis star is a popular figure on Instagram, where she has 2.4million followers with her regular saucy snaps which occasionally sees her sport skimpy bikinis.

The Canadian ace also shows off her strict workout regime, which has resulted in an unbelievably toned body which has stunned the 29-year-old’s supporters.

Bouchard’s latest offering on the social media platform are snaps of her on the tennis courts which depict the ripped back muscles she’s built thanks to her strenuous exercise schedule.

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The post has received over 26,000 like in the last two days One fan paid tribute to Bouchard’s work ethic as they wrote: “Shows the work you put in” while another commented: “You’re too good not to start winning!!”.

Another typed quite the poignant message regarding her arduous journey through injuries and issues with form as they replied: “To have gone through so much heartbreak on the court, for several YEARS at this point, but STILL FIGHTING, is really impressive. Genie you have a lot of heart!”.

Much has been made of Bouchard’s life off the court in the media, especially her love life, as she once admitted to not wanting to be in a relationship with “someone in the tennis world”.

“Well, I would say, definitely, I wouldn’t want to date someone in the tennis world because it would just be so much tennis, I feel like non-stop,” she told the Golf, Mostly podcast with Michelle Wie West and Hally Leadbetter.

On the one hand, they would probably relate with you more than anybody, but on the other hand, it’s like my friends.

“My friends are mostly out of tennis and I like to text or call someone and talk about totally different stuff than tennis because my entire day is tennis, so I feel like the same would apply to dating,” she added.

During the podcast appearance, the blonde beauty revealed some of the attributes she looks for in a potential romantic partner

Respectful, but also confident,” Bouchard said. “I think confidence is very attractive and someone who’s funny, personality matters.

“After a while, looks fade, and if this is someone who is going to be someone for the future, then you got to make each other laugh and be friends.”


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