Serena Williams showcases epic regal nursery complete with a walk-in closet for baby Adira

In an intimate glimpse into their lives, tennis superstar Serena Williams has unveiled the magnificent nursery she’s prepared for her newest family member, Adira.

Through a YouTube video montage, the 41-year-old and her entrepreneur husband, Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, warmly welcomed fans into their home.

The couple, who were blessed with their first daughter, Olympia, five years ago, recently celebrated the birth of Adira. Now, in her recent upload, Serena invited viewers into the grandeur of Adira’s bedroom.

Taking center stage in the nursery is an impressive crown, perched regally above the crib. The wall behind it is adorned with a lush deep red plush, complemented by similar drapery, forming a canopy above the crib.

The room, echoing elegance and comfort, is accentuated by a wine-hued chest, a majestic stuffed giraffe, and even a spacious walk-in-closet.

Credits for this intricate and luxurious design go to the Dutch firm, By Selina. Their impeccable taste is further displayed through a chic floral vine motif cascading down one corner of the room.

Dangling from the ceiling are stuffed hot air balloons, and a piece of artwork that confidently declares, ‘VICTORY REDEFINED.’


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