Amid His Worst-Ever Slump, Justin Thomas Finally Set to Realize His ‘Messed Up’ American Dream, Per Latest Viral Report

If there is one thing that is holding the golf world on the edge of their seats is the 44th edition of the prestigious Ryder Cup. The tournament is just weeks away and American and European golf fans are just hanging by the thread amidst all the excitement and anticipation. The final teams are yet to be decided and announced, and there are a few favorite names that are floating around.

Amidst all the discussions between the fans, one golfer whose name was somewhat hanging in sheer confusion was that of Justin Thomas. Now, it appears that all the confusion has just vanished away!

Will Justin Thomas be able to fulfill his patriotic dream this year?

Half of the American team for the Ryder Cup is finalized and the top 6 players in the Ryder Cup Standings ist have made their way to competing in red stripes in Rome. The remaining 6 would be chosen by Zach Johnson, the team’s captain, and there are a few names that fans have been vouching for.

Justin Thomas is one of the golfers that fans wanted to be on the team, but because of his disappointing performance this year, they were skeptical. Now as per the report published by The Guardian, Johnson will be picking up JT for the team. The captain will be naming his picks on Tuesday, and it is almost certain that the 2X major winner will be one of them.


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