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Hours After Sister Jessica’s Surprise Announcement, ‘Pure’ Nelly Korda Makes Golf World Fall in Love With Her

Not less than 24 hours ago Jessica Korda announced that she is expecting her first child with her husband. The news has left the players nad the golf community filled with happiness. The elder Korda and her family have received numerous congratulatory notes on social media expressing joy on the upcoming bundle of joy. The news was further reshared by the younger sister Nelly Korda on her Instagram as well.

And while Nelly is away from her sister, in Canada at the moment for the latest LPGA Tournament she is also not behind in catching the attention of fans. Already a fan favorite, with her smooth skills Korda has once again won the approval of the golf community at the ongoing event.

Nelly Korda improves form after elongated health issues

In 2023 Nelly Korda has been through numerous challenges. One of the biggest was to maintain consistency. His health issues have been holding the young star back at many times. But after her sabbatical Korda is getting back to her old form. This week she is performing at the CPKC Women’s Open and has stepped on the ground with his old fierceness.

This week she is performing at the Shaughnessy Golf Course in Vancouver, Canada at the CP Women’s Open and has shown her smooth skills on the green. After the second round, she is sitting on T5 after delivering some wonderful strokes. The LPGA Tour shared a collage of all the elegant strikes that Korda has made this week on the ground and fans are smitten by the smooth flow that comes naturally to the younger Korda.

After she shockingly failed to make the cut at the Women’s PGA Championship, Korda took some time off and worked on her game. The break and the hard work paid off as after her comeback she won her 13th tournament in London, in the Aramco Team Series. Last month she also reclaimed her old spot of world no.1, though she slid one spot after Lilia Vo won the AIG Women’s Open.

Nelly Korda’s smooth strikes impresses the golf fanatics
This fan declared her swings the best “Might be the best swing in all of golf, men or women.”
Another described how her looks complement her form “She’s so tall and lean.. her swing is so perfectly balanced.”
One fan called her “Pure”
Another echoed the same sentiment “Still pure! We can watch this video all day long”
One fan enjoyed the swing sounds “Crispy sound”
Another called her “Swing Bae”
Her swing left everyone impressed “Such a smooth swing!”
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