Cori Gauff pays special tribute to Serena Williams in New York

Cori Gauff paid special tribute to “inspiration” Serena Williams during the WTA 50th Anniversary Gala. In 1973, the WTA was founded. On Friday, a special night in New York celebrated the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Women’s Tennis Association.



Gauff, ranked at No 6 in the world, attended the event ahead of the US Open. During her speech, 19-year-old Gauff took a moment to applaud Williams for the impact and influence she had on women’s tennis. Also, Gauff thanked Williams for making her believe that she could also one day be a successful tennis player.



Gauff pays tribute to Williams
“It feels a bit like I’ve walked into a women’s tennis history book that has come to life. The WTA history that we all celebrate, is about a tour founded by women who were unafraid, and carried on by women who are empowered by the legacy we work every day to build upon.

In Serena Williams, I watched someone who dominated women’s tennis in a way no one else has ever had. More importantly, I saw someone who looked like me, and helped me believe I could achieve as I follow my own unique path.

These women, and so many others, were trailblazers, who have given every generation after them the opportunity and the inspiration to find our voices, and the global platform to speak out about issues that matter to us. When I look at the WTA tour today, I see the hard work, the drive, the passion, the determination to excel an continue to fight.

And, I hope that young girls watching us today will be as inspired by us as we were, by many of you in this room. I want to wish the WTA a happy 50th. It’s been an incredible ride so far, and I am very happy and grateful to be a part of the WTA’s future,” Gauff said, via Sportskeeda.


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