The unusual names of Tyson Fury’s six children: Boxing legend reveals how names of his kids came to him in a dream… and the real reason why three of them are called Prince

Tyson Fury may be known to most as a long-reigning heavyweight champion, but to his kids, he’s simply known as a father.

The British professional boxer and his family are the subject of a new reality TV show on Netflix entitled At home with the Furys aired August 16, 2023.



It follows Fury as he navigates his family life, mental health issues, retirement from boxing and his day-to-day home life along with his wife Paris Fury.

While there are many shocking moments, there is one thing that surprised the viewer the most: the names of his children. One, he claimed, came to him while he slept.



So, who are Tyson Fury’s kids and what are their unusual names? Find out below

Fury’s eldest daughter, Venezuela, is 13 and was born on September 27, 2009. On the show, the teen told the crew that she gets along “quite well” with her father, even though she thinks he’s “really strict.”

She revealed that Fury was recently mad at her when she wore a mini dress. She explained, “He just doesn’t like me wearing makeup and looking nice.”

Adding: “Strict parents raise sneaky kids.”

His youngest daughter, Athena, got off to a rocky start when she was born in intensive care on August 8, 2021.

Sticking to the geographical theme, the two share another daughter named Valencia, aged five.

Speaking about the decision behind his daughter’s names, he shared The guard in 2011 that he invented them.


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