‘Cries All the Time’- Dealing With a Noisy Yet Adorable Friend, Venus Williams Carves Out Crucial Life Advice in the Most Casual Way Possible

Imagine a world where tennis is not just about playing, but also about facing your fears and challenges head-on. Venus Williams shared a wonderful story that connects her favorite saying about mental strength with her dog, Harry. Through her brand “Eleven by Venus,” she’s shown how tennis and life can be similar, using Harry’s experiences to explain important lessons.

Venus Williams is famously known for talking about how mental strength is crucial in tennis. Beyond just playing the game, she’s talking about being strong in our minds.

During the interactive “Ask me a tennis question” session, Venus Williams showcased a remarkable way of articulating her preferred tennis mental quote. With her loyal canine companion, Harry, in her arms, Williams wove a tale of empathy and courage. “Alright, so I am constantly dealing with this guy who cries all the time. This time he’s crying because he couldn’t get on the couch,” Williams mused.

Then she put Harry down and shared her favorite quote, “Courage is not the absence of fear but the mastering of it.” This quote means being brave even when you’re scared, just like in tennis.


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