Weeks After Suffering an Unprecedented Setback, LPGA Cover Girl Nelly Korda Delivers a Positive Update at $2.5M Event: ‘Been Working Really Hard’

The first round of the CP Women’s Open is over, and the results look promising for Nelly Korda. After her setback in the AIG Women’s British Open earlier this month, she was looking for an opportunity to get back in the game. Looks like she has done just that.

In the press conference, she mentioned her dissatisfaction with how the British Open went and claimed she had done well here, in comparison. While she did not exactly rejoice at it, she expressed confidence and satisfaction after her first round.

With three birdies and a bogey, Nelly Korda scored a 2-under in the first round of the CP Women’s Open. She has totaled a 70 in the 72-par course and now shares the 9th position with three others.

Korda, however, claimed that she could not strike the ball to her satisfaction in the first round. “Today I didn’t hit it as good as I wanted to but it’s a tough golf course.” She sounded optimistic about playing a few more good rounds.


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