Rafael Nadal announces he is becoming new global ambassador for IT giant

Rafael Nadal has been announced as the new global ambassador for Indian IT company Infosys. Nadal, one of the greatest players in tennis history, signed a three-year deal with Infosys – a company that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services.

In a statement, it has been indicated that Nadal will work with Infosys on developing an AI-powered match analysis tool. “I’m very happy to work closely with Infosys, as they work to not only evolve the experience of tennis to the times, but also empower people in our communities to be part of a brighter future.

I love the way Infosys has brought its digital expertise across industries to the global tennis ecosystem. It has transformed the tennis experience for a billion global fans and truly empowered all players on the tour with analytics that they could have only dreamt of a few years ago.

Also, the impact that Infosys is making beyond the court – creating the next opportunity for people, businesses, and communities – deeply inspires me. I believe it’s our shared aspiration to create societal good that makes our handshake truly meaningful,” Nadal said in a statement.

Infosys ‘honored’ to welcome Nadal to its family
Apart from being an all-time great, Nadal is one of the most inspiring and beloved players in tennis history.

With that being said, Infosys is “honored” to be represented from now on by such a tennis icon. “It is an honor to welcome Rafa – one of the world’s most respected champion athletes and humanitarians – as an ambassador for Infosys, He is someone who personifies the spirit of always evolving, never giving up, utmost dedication and determination to give the very best in every situation.

We are inspired by his approach, and it reflects our own aspirations to continuously evolve and always remain relevant for our clients,” said Salil Parekh, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Infosys.


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