‘Dropping Soon’: Paige Spiranac’s Rival, Claire Hogle Drops a Huge Announcement Regarding a Major Sponsor

Paige Spiranac has risen to the top of the golfing world in recent years. She played Division I golf at the University of Arizona and San Diego State University before turning pro on the Cactus Tour and eventually becoming an internet sensation.

She is now one of the most influential people in the United States and the world because she blogs about golf and other topics every day. However, Paige Spiranac may have competition as Claire Hogle is quickly becoming a popular figure among golf fans on social media. Unexpectedly, Paige Spiranac’s opponent Claire Hogle revealed a major development today on her Instagram story.

Claire Hogle shared a story on her Instagram wherein she was seen playing golf and hitting a shot with a Takoma club. Then, she mentioned, “First time ever using the Takoma 5 wood…gotta say I’m into it.” She also wrote on that post, “Dropping soon,” indicating that she’s probably partnered with them for a probable endorsement.

At the age of 23, Claire has already established a reputation for herself in the golfing community, on YouTube, and in the social media world. She is unquestionably moving up the ladder and giving competition to other golf influencers with her dedication.

Claire Hogle vs. Paige Spiranac
Claire Hogle has an impressive 859k fans on Instagram, Spiranac, on the other hand, houses 4 million fans on Instagram, which is the highest that any golf celebrity has, even more than golf great Tiger Woods himself!


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