$72,000,000,000 Worth Brand Inks Groundbreaking Deal with Rafael Nadal as Tennis Embraces Digital Innovation

Rafael Nadal, a 22-time Grand Slam champion of unparalleled tennis prowess, has long embraced a resolute commitment to effecting positive change in the lives of children and societies. His journey transcends the boundaries of sports, reflecting a profound dedication to fostering betterment on multiple fronts. A stellar example of his philanthropic vision is the Rafael Nadal Academy, an example of his aspiration to uplift and shape the younger generation’s trajectory in the tennis world.

Nadal’s resounding influence extends further as he forges a dynamic partnership with Infosys, a global trailblazer in next-generation digital services and consulting. This new alliance underscores his unwavering commitment to not only the sport he has conquered but also to nurturing innovation and transformation that reverberates far beyond the tennis court.

The news of Rafael Nadal partnering with Infosys is big news as it will open new doors for digital innovation into the sport while working towards the betterment of the people. Infosys announced a 3-year partnership with the Spanish giant. Reflecting on the partnership, Rafa views it as a great opportunity for him to be able to offer help to aspiring minds while bringing changes to the ever-evolving sport.

The Spanish giant, who is currently out of the court for a while battling injuries took to Twitter to announce this exciting news. In the video, Rafael Nadal mentioned that he is very happy and excited to be a part of the $72 billion company as their global brand ambassador.

“I am excited to announce this partnership with Infosys. Over the years, I have experienced how Infosys helped the players to use technology on tours. I think Infosys helped to transform our sport and make it super easy for every player on the tour now creating easy access to all the data and analytics.”

“I think, Infosys is bringing digital skills to society for these new generations and we are working hard in the academy with the new generation to try to help the kids to become, first of all, better people, but at the same time trying to help them to improve as much as possible,” said Rafael Nadal in the video released after the successful collaboration.


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