Victoria Beckham seen escorting Harper out of restaurant as gory brawl breaks out

A fight is said to have broken out at Miami’s Gekko restaurant where Victoria Beckham and her daughter Harper were dining. Footage shows the ex Spice Girl saying goodbye to her youngest of four who left with a companion in a car, before Victoria returned to the venue.

Victoria Beckham was seen escorting 12-year-old daughter Harper Beckham out of Bad Bunny’s Gekko restaurant in Miami on Friday night, where a fight broke out.

The 49-year-old, alongside her husband David Beckham and their daughter Harper, dined at the Japanese steakhouse with footballer Lionel Messi, his wife Antonela, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba.

At around 10pm, a brawl is said to have gone down between a partygoer and security.

In footage obtained by the Mail Online, the ex Spice Girl is seen calmly putting Harper into a security-driven car outside of the venue.

It’s unclear if Harper’s exit was down to the fight taking place or the time of night, as Victoria didn’t appear to be in a rush or concerned.

Instead, as she said goodbye to Harper, she greeted somebody else she knew who walked up to the car.

Harper also briefly got out of the vehicle to give the man a hug before she got back in with a companion.

Following this, Victoria made her way back into the venue after the car drove off.

Moments after, a partygoer is seen speaking to the camera about an alleged attack by security.

He was seen with a bloodied face and claimed he was mistakenly accused of photographing celebrities in the venue.


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