“Not Easy”: Former World No.1 Lydia Ko Honestly Confesses the Cause Behind Her Lackluster Performance, Weeks After the Penalty Haunt

The 2023 season has been full of ups and downs for the golf icon, Lydia Ko. While she has had certain quality finishes, other outcomes haven’t been able to vouch for the golfer’s caliber. Amidst this, she even faced a whopping penalty of seven strokes at the 2023 Dana Open and suffered another disheartening result.

However, it is salient to note that Ko is not a rising star on the LPGA Tour. Rather, her achievements include impressive two major triumphs and a former World No. 1 title. While these accomplishments act as positive reinforcements, these added responsibilities can also create unnecessary pressure. This is exactly what the Kiwi sensation uncovered at the recent press conference and how she has been trying to conquer it.

Lydia Ko’s hassle on the greens has gained her game enormous scrutiny from everyone around. Hence, it came as no surprise when her recent press conference in Vancouver, Canada focused mostly on her months-long troubles. One of the reporters, hence, touched directly upon her battles on the field. He started by talking about her exceptional career. However, the question soon stirred toward the problems she had been facing evidently in her game.

While answering the journalist, Ko rather honestly commented, “I think there were a lot of expectations coming into this year“. Extending further that it could be both external or internal, she tagged pressure to be the reason behind her current stroke play.


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