Spanish Tennis Ace Carlos Alcaraz Follows in Idol Rafael Nadal’s Footsteps as He Copies His Outfit Style to Defend US Open Crown

Carlos Alcaraz is undoubtedly the next big thing in the ATP Tour. The Cincinnati Masters final between Carlitos and Novak Djokovic was one of the best games played this season. Throughout his career, the Serb’s rivalry with the Spaniards has always been interesting. With his archrival Rafael Nadal on a hiatus, Alcaraz is making Djoker sweat for every point. Now, it looks like Alcaraz is trying to channel even the fashion sense of his idol to make the difference in his budding rivalry with the Nole.

The ATP No.1 has always made a mark with his fashion choices. After he won the Wimbledon Championships, he was even given a ‘hat’ tribute. Now he is all set to remind the audience of his legendary compatriot.

Carlos Alcaraz is going the ‘Rafael Nadal’ way in the US Open

The 22 times major winner is famous for his sleeveless looks. Nadal started playing his matches during the early stages of his career, wearing cut sleeves while a majority preferred half sleeve T-shirts. The sleeveless shirts became his signature style, with even commentators taking a dig at a young Rafa for his outfit choices back in 2005.

But when he started winning Slams, it became a new on-court fashion. Since Rafa is away from tennis, fans miss his cool outfit choices, but they won’t in the upcoming major. According to the Spanish website, Marca, the 20-year-old, decided to play the US Open in sleeveless t-shirts, and tennis fans cannot wait to see more of it!


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