‘Stupid Sh**’: Golf Fans Left Triggered As Old Nelly Korda Video Involving a Bizarre Spectator Incident Goes Viral

While the present keeps us engaged, revisiting the past can induce genuine laughter and a sense of nostalgia. This is especially true of throwbacks that involve a controversial incident or a funny one or something that is so ironic that it distracts us from the status quo. On rare occasions, it sets off a trial of trolls behind the individual concerned.

A recent throwback to an incident involving Nelly Korda has generated mixed reactions from the golfing community. The Instagram page of Zire Golf has shared a video of Korda shooting the ball out of the freeway. The footage is from a tournament held last year, and the incident resulted in a major setback for the 8-time LPGA tour winner. Let’s look into the details of the incident.

The video footage is from the Amundi Evian Championship 2022, where Nelly Korda shot a ball out of bounds. A spectator approaching the area enthusiastically picked up the ball, and the commentators started booing. “It’s not a souvenir,” Grant Broone repeatedly exclaimed.

A steward explained the situation to the spectator, who clearly appeared to be sightseeing. The spectator then tried to place the ball where she found it, and she probably missed the spot. The distraction clearly disturbed Korda’s game. She was doing just fine until then. At the specific hole where the incident distracted her, she scored a double bogey. Nelly Korda had scored birdies and eagles in the preceding holes.


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