Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian’s Lego Obsession and Culinary Skills Come Together for an Exciting Morning With Daughter Olympia

When it comes to diligently upholding parental duties, Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams‘ husband, has frequently raised the standard for other parents. From participating in numerous sports to engaging in goofy activities with his daughter, this devoted father has always been there for her, despite his demanding schedule.

The American internet entrepreneur has further donned the hat of a chef in order to bake various delicacies for his 5-year-old kid, Olympia Ohanian. Even the father-daughter duo’s latest culinary creation, which has got perfectly accompanied by the popular building-block toy game, LEGOs, has also not been kept hidden from the public lens on social media.

The Reddit c0-founder has constantly kept his followers updated about his day-to-day activities with his family via his social media platforms. Alexis Ohanian also brought to light his recent fun morning LEGOs session alongside his latest culinary creation, Crêpes. As usual, the tech entrepreneur was accompanied by his 5-year-old daughter, Olympia.

On his Instagram account, the American shared a picture of a LEGO toy house and a plate of Crêpes accompanied by a coup of coffee. In the caption of the post, Ohanian stated, “Crêpes and Legos morning with @olympiaohanian”

Meanwhile, one of the users took note of the chat which was printed on the American internet entrepreneur’s cup. In that old conversation, Ohanian drew a comparison between his venture capital firm, Seven Seven Six, and the first Olympics that were recorded in 776 BC. He further said, “776 would be the brand.”

Notably, the user got the “776” easter egg and received a quick response from the tech entrepreneur, “@channing_heres_you ® you found the @776fund Easter egg”

Apart from Crêpes, the Reddit c0-founder is the master of another delicacy, that is also his Sunday tradition with Olympia.


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