“Terrible”: A Week After “Shoving” a Pint in His Face, Anthony Joshua and Conor McGregor’s “Uncomfortable” Moment Still Triggers Boxing World

After Anthony Joshua knocked out Robert Helenius in the seventh round of their latest fight, ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor unexpectedly shocked the world by forcing ‘AJ’ to drink his beer Forged Irish. Following this incident, a photo of an out-of-breath Joshua struggling to take a pint of McGregor’s Forged Irish went viral and fans are still talking about it.

Later during the post-fight interview, Anthony Joshua declared that he wanted a crate load of free Forged to be shipped to the Badger Pub in Meriden. “I want a crate load ship to Meriden, the Badger Pub. I want a crate load of free Forged ship to the Badger Pub in Meriden. All the locals would be very very happy,” Joshua said.

The boxing fans scribe hilarious comments as Conor McGregor forcing Anthony Joshua to drink stays in motion

Conor McGregor could not probably find a better opportunity than an Anthony Joshua fight to promote his drink. Hence, as soon as Anthony Joshua slept Helenius, the Irish fighter made sure that the British boxer had a mouthful of Forged Irish. After AJ stepped outside the ring, McGregor approached the boxer with a glass of Forged Irish Stout and requested the former to drink. In no time, with the foam covering his sweaty and salivating lips, Joshua made an unforgettable face for the public.


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