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‘She had the mental capacity of a five-year-old’: Paris Fury reveals her sister Romain, 36, was left with brain damage after contracting whooping cough when she was six weeks old

Paris Fury has revealed her sister Romain has the mental capacity of a ‘five-year-old’ after she developed whooping cough when she was six weeks old.

The wife of boxer Tyson Fury shared her secret family heartache in her new memoir Love and Fury, explaining she was left with brain damage after battling the disease as an infant.

Paris added that caring for her sister help her ‘grow up faster’ because she realised her sister would need ‘a large amount of her parents’ attention,’ and she’s learned how to ‘love and support’ her family.

The mother-of-six has three siblings, a brother and sisters Romain and Montana.

In an extract from her book as published by The Sun, Paris said: ‘At just six weeks old, she contracted whooping cough – a fairly common but highly contagious bacterial disease – and spent a lot of time in and out of Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

‘Her case was more severe than most, sadly, and led to serious breathing difficulties that ultimately and tragically caused damage to her brain.’

However, when she reached primary school age, Romain’s development stalled.

In her book Paris continued: ‘During a hospital appointment Mam and Dad were given the sad news that, in all likelihood, their daughter would forever have the mental capacity of a five-year-old.’

While detailing Romain’s story, Paris noted she had to ‘grow up faster’ upon learning how much extra attention she needed from her parents, but it has also helped her to realise the importance of her family.

She added that Romain still lives with her parents, and her mother ensured that she and her siblings still enjoyed a happy, safe childhood.


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