Rift in Friendship? Rickie Fowler Mercilessly Throws Golf Bros JT and Jordan Spieth Under the Bus Behest of a 103-Year-Old Fan

The bromance in the golf world is quite a heartwarming scenario. Although it is known for its competitiveness, there are numerous tales of friendships, too. Rickie Fowler has one such trio he is a part of. His companionship with Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth is no secret.

Fowler is currently playing at the BMW Championship in Illinois, the penultimate event of the FedEx Cup playoffs, the leg of the PGA Tour. Recently, though, the pro golfer found himself at the center of a controversy.

Rickie Fowler scored 66-69 on Friday and sits tied for the sixth position at the BMW Championship. He is familiar with Olympia fields, especially after winning Oklahoma State in 2007 at the same site. He is in contention for the title this week. And it looks like a 103-year-old fan is in complete support of him.

A lifelong golf fan, Grandma Susie, attended her first PGA Tour event this week. And she met many golfers on the field while witnessing the championship. When she turned 100, some players sent her a happy birthday video, singing hoped for her in 2020. Fowler was a part of it.

After round 2 on Friday, he talked about life coming full circle after sending her the video in 2020. Fowler was also asked what questions he had for Susie. He responded, “We just chitchatted, had a conversation for 10 minutes or so. Hopefully threw out some other guys’ names that she can watch like Jordan and JT. I’m not sure if she actually didn’t know them or — I threw out the names and she wasn’t quite sure. So we’ll see. Maybe we gave her a few more guys to watch when she’s watching golf on TV.”


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