Nelly Korda: Cheerful Mode Off, Beastly Mode On; This is Literally Why We Love Our LPGA Cover Girl

Nelly Korda is golf’s darling golfer for a reason. The LPGA star is known for her beautiful smile and can-do attitude that wins hearts no matter where she plays. Her upbeat personality even in the face of disappointment, has quickly made her a role model.

You’d think that not winning any titles in the last few weeks, not to mention losing her crown to Lilla Vu, would dishearten the former World No. 1. However, the younger Korda sister is above that. She is more focused on her future rather than dreading the past.

The Olympic Gold medalist may have faced a few bad weeks but it didn’t discourage her enthusiasm. In fact, the 8-time LPGA champion is hard at work to improve her health and core strength so she can fight harder for the next title. Her smile may not fade but her determination has gotten stronger. She is in her ferocious mode now.

Korda shared an image on her Instagram story of herself doing a plank but with the help of cross-fitness equipment to stretch her muscles. She captioned it, “Always keep it interesting.”


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