Alcaraz excites fans with “ripped” physique in shirtless Cincy training (PHOTOS)

“One of the risk factors in a tennis player’s daily life are the materials he works with, whether it be the tension of the racket, the type of ball or the change of surface,” Carlos’ physiotherapist Juanjo Moreno explained to Punto de Break when Alcaraz was playing on grass at Queen’s.

“Alberto and I try to cover these difficulties with specific exercises, even if worry is always present in every game. No time to adjust.The scientific evidence described says that total adaptation takes 5 to 8 weeks, at least in the average population.We had 5-6 days to make the adaptation, so the math is incorrect.The tennis player is an injury survivor, for me he is the athlete most exposed to injury risk factors, due to the constant change of conditions, heights, balls, surfaces, etc.Also, in a very limited amount of time, but we try to do what we can with what we have.

The victory two days ago confirms that the job was done well, Carlos wasn’t injured and this is the most important thing.”

Djokovic also trained shirtless before Cincinnati
Just like Carlos Alcaraz, Novak Djokovic also appeared shirtless during a practice session.


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