‘Not Quite Ready..’ – 6 Years After Near-Death Pregnancy Ordeal, 41YO Serena Williams Reveals True Feelings About Baby no.2 in a Relaxed ‘Push Party’ Confession

As Serena Williams enters her third trimester of pregnancy, fans have shown more eagerness to know about the baby. The 23-time major champion and her husband Alexis Ohanian have kept their followers hooked with their social media updates. From their pictures of the ‘Babymoon’ to the gender reveal party, the couple has kept nothing away from the fans. Recently, Serena continued this trend as she revealed her inner feelings for the second baby as the fourth member of the family knocks on the door.



The American tennis legend recently hosted a unique ‘pre-push’ party. A push-party is an alternative for a baby shower. However, Serena organized a pre-push party, suggesting that a push-party will follow the event. She made the revelations about herself in this particular event.



Serena Williams weighs in on her feelings about the second baby

The former WTA World No.1 recently uploaded snippets from her pre-push party on YouTube. She focused on her friends in the first few shots of the short video. They treated themselves with manicure and other self-care activities. However, in the second half of the clip, Serena spoke about the second baby.

Williams said, “Baby number two is on the way after lots of time waiting. So, how am I feeling about it? Excited, anxious, nervous, happy, all of the above. We’re ready actually, not quite ready today. I need another week. I don’t have my stuff ready like the crib and changing table and plethora of other things.”


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