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New Role Takes a Toll as Genie Bouchard Finds Herself Abandoned by Her ‘Partners’ at the Canadian Open

Eugenie Bouchard is having a tough time getting her grit back on the court. The Canadian tennis star failed to qualify for the main draw in her home tournament, Canadian Open. However, instead of feeling down and demotivated, the tennis beauty engaged herself in off-court activities of the sport. Bouchard took up the gig to co-host the Sportsnet panel at the Canadian Open. However, the other two hosts left Bouchard hanging in between the broadcasting session. So, she took her sweet revenge quite publicly.

The panel of anchors had former tennis player Jesse Levine and Sportsnet host Brad Fay, and Bouchard. But no one leaves Bouchard alone…

The Canadian tennis star is known for her beauty and jovial personality off the court. It would not be wrong to say that she is usually the life of the party. Consequently, Bouchard did not wait even a second to call out her co-anchors in a goofy tone when she was left alone.

The Canadian tennis star failed to secure a seat for herself in the main draw of the National Bank Open. However, she did secure herself a seat on the host team of Sportsnet. The 2014 Wimbledon finalist shared a panel with the three hosts, which included the former ATP player Jesse Levine, and the host of Sportsnet, Brad Fay.


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