‘Mentally Fatigued’ Jordan Spieth Blames ‘Way Too Much Golf’ for Masters Disappointment

Jordan Spieth has always made his presence felt in the final round. He has always done this and this is just his style. Spieth literally could be 12 shots away in the first group off but could still manage to get in the mix by the time he reaches the 16th tee. The former number 1 player made a confession about being “fatigued” during The Masters Tournament.



In 2022, Spieth did not make the cut at the Masters for the first time in his Masters career and that year, he decided he just could not watch the final round. Instead, he decided to play a round of golf that Sunday at Hilton Head.



Jordan Spieth Blames Fatigue for Mental Errors

The 2015 Masters Campion said that it definitely feels nice to be this close, but at the same time, it is frustrating as well. He accepted that he has made a lot of mental mistakes, “I made a tremendous amount of mental mistakes.”




Spieth continued to say that he has played a lot of golf in the past weeks and he was just so tired mentally. Spieth said, “I think I played way too much golf into this.” He continued, “I came in mentally fatigued, and you overwork this week every year. I played way too much golf in the last—I mean, this is eight out of ten weeks. So I need to change my schedule up going forward to be a little sharper this week. I think that has a lot to do with it.”

To take forward the conversation, Spieth then mentioned that he got lazy while he was picking the targets. “I probably only had a target on 50 percent of the shots this week, and I like to have them 100 percent of the time.”


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