“I Was Mostly Alone” – Eugenie Bouchard Reveals How She Spent Her Quarantine Days

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, every single person has been stuck in their homes. While this is necessary to control the spread of the virus, it isn’t something people are used to. To adapt, they would have learned some new skills and Canadian star Eugenie Bouchard has revealed what she learned. Here’s what she said!

In a recent podcast, Eugenie Bouchard was asked about what she learned during the pandemic. She replied by saying,

“I was mostly alone. I was able to train a little bit and when things opened up, back to full training. But, what I learned was, first of all, I love learning. I picked up a couple of things during quarantine, I did an online class with Harvard which was super interesting. Neuroscience, don’t ask me why I tried that… I started learning the piano and I was trying to learn Spanish for a while and in quarantine, I was like ‘ok I’m going to give it a real effort.’”

Clearly, Genie has learned a lot during quarantine which was something she was very happy about. However, she did admit that she hasn’t been able to learn more as she is now focused on training. This is because the WTA Tour has returned and she has to prepare for the events.

The Canadian is excited about the Tour and wants to improve her ranking. She has decided to play ITF events in conjunction with the WTA events. She also feels that it will help her gain confidence after such a long break from tennis


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