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“As Always Beautiful” – Hours After Lashing Out at ‘Hollywood’, Eva Longoria Praised by David Beckham’s Wife Victoria Beckham While Flaunting Gorgeous Apparel

Popular actress, Eva Longoria has recently been in the news for her comments against ‘Hollywood’. Her interview was seemingly a build-up of inner frustration over the years. Apart from her hard-hitting comments on the movie industry, she recently posted stunning pictures of herself. Surprisingly, the 48-year-old was wearing a premium shirt from Victoria Beckham’s collection, the wife of David Beckham.

After her stylist posted a picture of her looks, the former Spice Girl didn’t shy away from publicly appreciating the actress’s gorgeous appearance.

In recent years, Victoria Beckham has become quite an established presence in the luxury apparel space.

David Beckham’s wife Victoria Beckham compliments Eva Longoria’s outfit
Along with being a reputed actress and producer, Eva Longoria is also quite well-known in the soccer universe. This is simply because of her investment in Angel City FC in the National Women’s Soccer League. Longoria’s famous hair stylist, Dimitris Giannetos posted a picture of the Hollywood actress on an Instagram story.

While the fans went berserk, the maker of the famous apparel didn’t shy away from commenting herself. The former Spice Girl reposted the image and complimented the actress for her looks. She wrote, “As always…Beautiful x love u!!!”. Along with that, she also added her ‘kissing face’ bitmoji.


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