Barbie Gets More Realistic as Belarusian Beauty Aryna Sabalenka Promotes Body Positivity With a Unique ‘Carbs’ Message

Barbie fever has gripped the world, and the tennis community is no different. A week earlier, Taylor Fritz‘s girlfriend revealed her obsession with the fantasy movie. People across the globe have changed the perspective surrounding the famous doll and brought more inclusivity to it over the years.



What started as a perfect slim white doll now extends to all colors and all body shapes. The parent company, Mattel, even launched a collection of Barbie dolls to pay tribute to the 4-time Grand Slam champion, Naomi Osaka. Grand Slam champion Aryna Sabalenka is not immune to the hype either.



The Belarusian tennis star took to her Instagram story to share a post that listed some classic characteristics of Barbie. However, there was a twist to the name, and the humorous post was the opposite of how the fantasy character has historically been portrayed.


The post, which was created by a different account on Instagram, featured a woman who is not as thin as a typical Barbie and yet put forth an air of confidence.

The realistic version caught the Australian Open champion’s attention, and she reposted the hilarious pun for the world. The meme read, “she’s pretty, self-confident, loves tacos and doesn’t care what you have to say about her appearance.” The post then highlighted the alternative name with big, bold letters calling the new version ‘Carbie’ with a tagline, “more carbie. less barbie.


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