Unpredictable Future: Roger Federer’s Former Coach Refuses to Get Carried Away by Carlos Alcaraz Hype…

Carlos Alcaraz is being hailed as the next big thing in tennis. Many pundits regard him as the perfect blend of the ‘Big 3.’ Alcaraz’s coach even revealed that they watched Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic so many times that eventually the ATP World No. 1 incorporated and implemented the best qualities and skills of the Grand Slam champions. Now, the young Spaniard has become an inevitable topic while interviewing any tennis entity.

The Swiss Maestro, Federer’s former coach was also faced with a crucial question regarding the 20-year-old’s career run. However, he remains unconvinced and his take is different from the tennis world’s consensus.

Roger Federer’s ex-coach poses crucial concerns regarding Carlos Alcaraz

Severin Lüthi had coached Federer for 15 long years. Now, he is also spending his time away from professional tennis. In a recent interview with ‘SonntagsBlick,’ he was asked if he agreed with Djoker crediting Alcaraz for uniting ‘the three worlds.’ While the two-time Slam champion is reminding the world of the ‘Big Three’, some think it is too soon to decide. Lüthi seems to be one of those still on the fence.

When Lüthi was asked if Alcaraz was going to dominate the next few years of tennis, he replied, “He definitely has what it takes to win many Grand Slam tournaments. And yet we don’t know what will happen in two years’ time. What if he hurts himself? What if there’s another one coming out in a few years that we all say is even more incredible?”


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