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Check out Paige Spiranac’s most viewed bikini shots revealed as stunning golf influencer sends 3.8m Instagram followers wild!

PAIGE SPIRANAC is no stranger to breaking the internet as the former golfer loves to send her fans crazy by sharing snazzy photos.

The 29-year-old recently fired criticism at media outlets that criticise female athletes for flaunting their looks on social media.

Spiranac has been accused of “taking women back” but she dismissed claims she has oversexualised herself.

She also pointed out that male athletes including Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham have done the same.

So it seems likely Spiranac will continue to wow her followers with bikini snaps and golf videos.

She likes to keep her 3.7million followers on their toes by dressing in different outfits, from a stars and stripes bikini to a costume from the video game Street Fighter.

From time to time Spiranac also shows off her golf technique.

The variety of photos and videos has led Spiranac to become the most followed golfer on Instagram.

Explaining her success on the social media platform, she said: “This just in. Men like golf and boobs.”

The sports star was named “World’s Sexiest Woman” by Maxim magazine earlier this year
But being popular online also has its downside with Spiranac revealing she suffers from stalkers, blackmail and a lack of privacy.

She also has scammers trying to exploit her fans by imitating her, while the hate she receives on social media has made her go to therapy.


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