Mouratoglou rejects Alcaraz joining the Big 3: “Makes no sense”

Patrick Mouratoglou shut down those that claim Alcaraz is on the same level as the Big 3. For the French coach, joining Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic requires one to win around 20 Grand Slams.”I don’t like the idea of the Big 3 label for Alcaraz.



We’re in a different era. There is no more Big 3 anyway. There is Novak who’s dominating the game and then Carlos comes in, wins two Grand Slams at 20 years old and is in a position that is incredible. And he shows incredible qualities.



To label him Big 3, for me, makes no sense. If you look at the game today, there is Novak and Carlos, Daniil, who’s very close, he’s winning a lot, and all the others that are under. That doesn’t mean they can’t win a Grand Slam but for the moment they’re under.

Big 3 we’re talking about Roger, Rafa, Novak, guys who have 20+ Grand Slams. So to label someone in the Big 3 on the men’s tour makes no sense for me,” said Patrick Mouratoglou.


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