Bouchard joins ‘racquetball on steroids’ sport before hard swing

Eugenie Bouchard joined a new sport called jai-alai as an ambassador. Genie is promoting the sport after the jai-alai League “concluded its most successful season yet, reaching a record-high number of fans through streaming platforms and welcoming a steady stream of celebrities, partners and influencers to the Magic City Fronton” in Miami.To get an idea of how the sport is played, check out the video below.

Per her words, Bouchard is excited to promote jai-alai.”Ever since I heard about this action-packed sport described as ‘racquetball on steroids,’ I was immediately drawn to jai-alai and impressed with the incredible athleticism of WJAL players,” said Bouchard.

“I’m excited to officially join the League as an ambassador and I look forward to introducing jai-alai to a new community of fans.”Yet, don’t take this move as a farewell to tennis from Bouchard. She recently posted an Instagram video showing her training hard in the gym for her upcoming hard court matches.


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