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Despite His Disappointing Exit At the Open, Justin Thomas Pens Down a Heartwarming Message For Brian Harman

Justin Thomas missed the cut at the 2023 Open Championship, but he still found a way to be gracious in defeat. After Brian Harman won the tournament, Thomas took to Twitter to congratulate him and his caddie, Scottie Tway.

“Dominant and poised victory for Harm and Scotty Tway,” Thomas wrote. “Handled the conditions, adversity, and nerves insanely well (from my vantage point on the couch). Congrats to Brian and his team, champion golfer of the year!”

Thomas’ message was especially noteworthy given the circumstances. He had been one of the favorites to win the Open, and his early exit was a disappointment. But instead of dwelling on his own misfortune, he chose to focus on Harman’s success.

Thomas’ message is a reminder that even when things don’t go your way, it’s important to be humble and gracious. It’s also a reminder that even the best golfers in the world can appreciate the accomplishments of their competitors.

In addition to being gracious, Thomas’ message was also insightful. He noted that Harman and Tway had to deal with a number of challenges during the tournament, including difficult weather conditions and the pressure of being in contention. But they handled everything with poise and professionalism, and they ultimately emerged victorious.

Thomas’ message is a testament to the character of both Harman and Tway. They are both talented golfers, but they are also humble and professional. They are an inspiration to all golfers, and Thomas’ message is a reminder that anything is possible if you work hard and stay focused.


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