‘Always Rubbing on My Finger..’- British Tennis Legend Andy Murray Reveals Bizarre Move as He Remembers Wide-Spread Engagement Ring Saga

Throughout his illustrious career, Andy Murray has faced numerous challenges on the tennis court. From formidable opponents to injury setbacks, the Grand Slam champion has time and again proved his mettle, rising to every occasion with the heart of a warrior. However, in a rather unexpected twist, Murray’s most recent challenge involves not just his skills and athleticism but also his wedding ring.

The beloved tennis star, who married his long-time partner Kim Sears in 2015, has been wearing his wedding ring with pride ever since. But as it turns out, the symbol of love and commitment can sometimes interfere with the very thing that brought the couple together – tennis.

Andy Murray confesses not to be able to play due to his wedding ring and also shares his solution to it

Murray, known for his powerful backhand, began experiencing discomfort while playing the shot due to his wedding ring rubbing against the racquet handle. During an episode of Around The Grounds, he said, “The wedding ring was always rubbing on my finger. I got blisters and it was uncomfortable.”

Determined to find a solution that would allow him to continue wearing the ring and play without hindrance, the ingenious Scot came up with a unique idea: tying the ring to his shoelace while on the court. He added, “I started tying it to my shoe and it was working really well”.


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