‘Bounced My Head Off the Pavement’: Freak Accident Leaves Dozens Hospitalized, Causing Chaotic Scenes at Country Club in Montana

No part of our lives is immune to accidents, and mishaps. The same is true for a golf course; even with extreme caution and security, such occurrences knock at the door unannounced. And given the nature of accidents, they leave a lot of room for damage to take place.

Not getting enough and timely aid can cause harm that is irrevocable. Fortunately, nothing of that extreme happened at Country Club in Montana when a tragedy shook the golf fans off the course. Despite that, the collapse resulted in more than 25 people being hospitalized. With that, let us delve into more details about the disturbance and probable reasons behind the same!

On 22 June, it was a normal day for fans who had gathered at Briarwood Country Club for the Tangle Derby; until it wasn’t. As the scenes on the greens were still unfolding, the deck started shaking and making noises. This alerted the spectators who were present on it, including Jordan Hennessy—the Billings resident. He recounted that he had heard some cracking sounds, which made him look toward his sister. While the resident was suggesting to get off the deck, it collapsed completely.

Continuing, Hennessy said that he doesn’t remember much, just that a table came down and hit him in the head. “Bounced my head off the pavement a little bit over here,” he recalled in the wake of the terrifying experience. According to Nuclr Golf, as the back deck crumbled on the clubhouse patio, 33 people were injured and 25 hospitalized. The latter included Jordan Hennessy as well.


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