Tiger Woods caddie got job because he saved legendary golfer from toilet mishap

Iconic caddie Billy Foster has revealed a hilarious story involving one of golf’s most successful and iconic stars, Tiger Woods, being caught in an awkward toilet situation.

Billy Foster is one of golf’s most recognisable faces, having caddied at more than 1,200 tournaments. The 57-year-old has therefore seen a fair share of memorable moments, including becoming the “s***house saviour” for Tiger Woods after an incident almost over two decades ago.

Foster, who has worked with big names like Lee Westwood and Thomas Bjorn, saw a career highlight when he worked with Tiger Woods back in 2005. At this point, Woods was at the height of his career.

In those 12 months in particular the American would claim the 134th Open Championship, the 69th Masters Tournament and be named the PGA Player of the Year. But it was three years before that when the pair first met.

In 2002, during a trip to the toilet Foster recalled there being no tissue available. Something that Woods would discover too little too late.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Foster recalled: “I am walking out and I hear this little sigh. Oh, he knows now that he’s in trouble. And it’s six minutes until he’s on the tee.

“Oh Tiger. But I can’t do it to him, so I roll up some paper, get down on my knees, and present it to him under the door. I was the hand of god to him in that moment. ‘You’ll probably need this’.

“He grabs at it and then as I’m halfway through the door, I just say, ‘Europe, one up’, and walk out. He came out with the biggest smile. ‘Billy Foster, I owe you’. I caddied for him at the Presidents Cup in 2005 — I swear that’s why I got the job. Not because I’m a good caddie but because I was the s***house saviour.”


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