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Serena Williams shows baby bump in selfie posted on social media

Serena Williams shared a pregnancy update, showing her baby bump in a selfie posted on Twitter. Williams, 41, announced on May 1st that she and her husband Alexis Ohanian were expecting their second child. In 2017, Williams welcomed her first child, when daughter Olympia was born.

“Just a casual Bathroom selfie….Enjoy Chip (my dog) in it),” Williams captioned her Twitter post.

On May 1st, Williams and her husband were among the guests at the Met Gala.
Williams, a former 23-time Grand Slam champion, used that moment to announce to the world that she was pregnant with her second child. “Was so excited when Anna Wintour invited the 3 of us to the Met Gala,” Williams captioned her Instagram post from May.

Williams indicated her plan was to welcome another child
In 2022 August, Williams announced her plans to retire after the US Open.

In a post for Vogue, Williams revealed she wanted to give Olympia a sibling and that was one of the reasons why she was walking away from pro tennis. “Earlier in my career, I never thought about having kids. There were times when I’ve wondered if I should ever bring kids into this world, with all its problems.

I was never that confident or comfortable around babies or children, and I figured that if I ever did have a baby, I would have people taking care of it 24/7. I’m not going to lie—I definitely have a lot of support.

But I’m also an incredibly hands-on mother. My husband will tell you I am too hands-on. In five years, Olympia has only spent one 24-hour period away from me. This past year, while I was recovering from a hamstring injury, I got to pick her up from school four or five days a week, and I always looked forward to seeing her face light up when she walked out of the building and saw me waiting there for her.

The fact is that nothing is a sacrifice for me when it comes to Olympia. It all just makes sense. I want to teach her how to tie her shoes, how to read, where babies come from, and about God. Just like my mom taught me,” Williams wrote for Vogue in August.


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