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Olympia Jr. destroys Serena Williams by revealing the ‘troublesome’ truth!

Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia Jr. destroyed her mother with a very funny response! The five-year-old made fun of her mother and Serena shared her daughter’s hilarious response on Twitter. A lady would compliment a hairstyle, with Serena thanking her. At this point Olympia entered the scene, and allegedly revealed the hilarious truth, by saying that the hairstyle is actually a wig!

Here is the Tweet:

Nice lady: I love your hair
Me: Awww Thanks!
Olympia : It’s a WIG!!!

Alexis Ohanian was very impressed by her daughter’s behavior, sharing the post on Instagram, with a photo of Olympia in the background, humorously writing: “Love that Ohanian eyebrow!”
Latests on Serena
Serena is considered by many to be one of the strongest tennis players of all time, by some the strongest.

Last August, Serena Williams granted an interview to her Vogue colleagues and talked about many topics.Among these the woman spoke like this: “At the beginning of my career I never thought of having children. There were times when I wondered if it was appropriate to bring children into this world, I didn’t feel comfortable with that possibility.But now without telling lies, I have great support regarding my children.My husband tells me I’m very practical, but he has to say that in five years Olympia was only once away from me for 24 hours.

Last year I was injured and picked up my daughter from school every day, I couldn’t wait to see her face again.”Serena and her husband already have a daughter, Olympia, born in 2017.On social media Serena confirmed with a sentence that leaves no doubt: “I was really very excited when Anna Wintour invited the Three of us to the Met Gala.”Serena has posted a series of photos and in one of her the sweet expectation is evident and the 41-year-old woman touches her belly with a very happy look.


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