Days After Pregnant Wife Jena Sims Exposed Struggles in Their Marriage, “Nervous” Brooks Koepka Makes a Staggering Revelation About His New Reality

The love story and relationship of Brooks Koepka and Jena Sims have always been the talk of the golf town. And the five-time major winner and his wife are one of the most loved couple in the golf community. Addedly, their Instagram posts and stories flood with love and appreciation for each other always, which clearly demonstrates that Koepka keeps his family as a high priority. But with a new member coming their way, the responsibilities of the golfer are bigger than ever.

Withstanding the hardships of a professional golf career and adding a new member into his life, everything seems kinda overwhelming for Koepka. And moreover, Sims has also been recently vocal about her pregnancy struggles with Koepka being mostly physically absent. Thus, Brooksie makes a confession that questions his new role as a father.

Jena Sims had always flourished the social media with posts catering to her love for her husband. But lately in an interview when she was enquired about her pregnancy, she spoke that her husband, Koepka tried to be there mostly. But with his recently packed schedule and professional golf routine, he can merely Facetime his wife or attend her through phone calls after her doctor’s appointments. These certain statements by Jena made an indication, that possibly Koepka couldn’t be there for her physically, most of the time.

Now, with only a couple of weeks left to welcome their baby into the world, the power couple is naturally excited like any other happy parent. But besides this excitement, lies the new reality which is quite a mind-staggering situation. Moreover, this role of fatherhood is also tantamount to fathoming a new phase of life. Hence, Koepka is equally excited about this new role but is tense as well. Some part of him still questions if he will be able to execute his duties as a father properly.


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