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“That article is just blown out of proportion” – Nelly Korda is ‘not very happy’ over reports on her past health issues

Nelly Korda made the perfect comeback as she clinched victory at the LPGA 2022 Pelican Women’s Championship last Sunday. Returning after suffering a dangerous blood clot in March, Korda won the title and got back to the top of the world rankings yet again.

Korda’s second consecutive Pelican Championships title was celebrated by fans around the world. Following this, the golfer’s coach, Jamie Mulligan, gave an interview with Golfweek, where he explained her health condition. However, Korda was left unimpressed by the action.

certain details. He even stated that Korda was “sounding emotional” during the incident. Now, the golfer herself has come out to rubbish the report. She stated that she was “unhappy” with the report and added that it was “blown out of proportion.”

Speaking to the media at the CME Group Tour Championship, Korda expressed her annoyance at the report and said:

“I was not very happy with that article because that was a very … I think that was blown out of proportion a good bit… It was definitely not that bad, but I’m very private about my medical history, my medical issues. So, in a sense, yeah, I think that article is just blown out of proportion, honestly.”

She went on to add that she was private about such matters. Comments from Korda, who has a tight-knit team, suggest that the comments on her illness were made without consulting her.

Nelly Korda unhappy with coach’s version of the incident
Nelly Korda’s coach Jamie Mulligan provided a detailed report on the illness during his interview with Golfweek. Speaking to the publication, Mulligan said that the blood clot she suffered was two centimeters from her heart. Stating that she was emotional about it, the coach also added that her hands were “turning weird colors” the day she was diagnosed.

Korda was in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, where the PGA Tour headquarters is located, when the incident happened. According to Mulligan, he phoned PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan and rushed Korda to immediate medical care. He added that the golfer underwent a procedure that lasted close to three hours.

However, this story was significantly more harrowing than Korda’s version. The golfer was at the U.S. Women’s Open in June when he opened up about the illness and said that she had mild blood clots. Low on details, the golfer’s story was nowhere like Mulligan’s version

Nelly Korda has now openly admitted that she is unhappy with the detailed reports on her medical condition. While she dismissed the reports, the golfer refrained from giving clarifications on which parts of Mulligan’s story were exaggerated or untrue.

The golfer said that she was in rehab for a while and was tired due to her excessive travel between Europe and the US.

Speaking about her rehab and fatigue, Nelly Korda said:

“I think it was more of a mental fatigue for me where I just felt like I was living out of a suitcase, and I was just tired. So, lesson learned.”

Having taken October off, Nelly Korda made a strong comeback at last week’s Pelican Women’s Championship. The golfer was visibly happy about the victory.


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